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Sink Your Teeth Into Art!



Sebastian J. Castellano, D.D.S.
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Sebastian J Castellano Tampa Dentist and Jack Casey Mural Arts CollageSink Your Teeth Into Art!

The first thing you notice when you step into an exam room in the offices of Dr. Sebastian J. Castellano, DDS, is not the equipment or tools and supplies. It isn’t posters on the walls telling you to floss. Nope! What catches your eye is a beautiful full-sized mural on the wall opposite the dentist’s chair that you’ll be staring at while Dr. Castellano is working on your teeth. Then you realize that you’re looking at a scene from the Tampa Bay area.

Each exam room has a different mural. On one visit you might see a painting of the Gasparilla Invasion, while on another visit you may see a street scene from Ybor City from back in the day when trolleys plied 7th Avenue.

Murals in Exam Rooms Have Tampa Themes and Hidden Dental Images

As you begin to examine the details of each painting, you realize that there is a dental theme to each of them, woven into the painting. The Gasparilla Invasion has toothbrushes mixed in with the marauding boats as they make their way up Tampa Bay to the Convention Center. When you stare at the Ybor Trolley, you realize that the rider’s silhouettes you thought were people are actually teeth.

Jack Casey – Tampa Artist

This all began as Dr. Castellano was starting his practice. He treated Jack Casey, who is a professional artist in the Tampa Bay area. The two men developed a friendship, and Dr. Castellano commissioned Jack Casey to do a series of murals on the walls of his new office.

To this day, Dr. Castellano continues to be a patron of the arts, and Jack Casey continues to be a prolific and talented artist. Together they prove that art and science can co-exist and thrive side by side.