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Night Guard Usage

Read below for general usage & care of your night guard.

  • General Instructions: 
Initial adjustment needed after first night’s wear. Make sure to wear appliance the first night.

Wear at night unless otherwise instructed. Can be worn during the day if you find yourself clenching.

When placing appliance in mouth, do NOT bite appliance into place. Use finger pressure to place appliance.

Do NOT store in heat.

If uncomfortable, call Dr. Castellano’s office for appointment to adjust guard.

  •  Maintenance:
Rinse after every use.

Clean with toothpaste and toothbrush.

Use denture cleanser tablets or retainer bright for heavy buildup cleaning.

Bring night guard to Dr. Castellano’s office each time you are having a dental cleaning. The hygienist will have the guard professionally cleaned.

When not in use, place in retainer cup with small amount of water to keep moist.